Schabels Woods Vacation Cabins

The Concept

Schnabels' Woods is not a resort as generally understood. There are no golf courses, no tennis courts, no swimming pools and no community centers, although most of these activities are available in the surrounding area. These woods appeal to people who prefer quiet and seclusion. There are 137 acres covered with wooded hills, fields, paths and  wetland preserves. There are three ponds and one mile of frontage on the Tohickon Stream, which is excellent for fishing,  swimming and boating. Even winter ice skating, cross country skiing and sledding are wonderful.

The cottages and cabins at Schnabels' Woods are for recreational use only. Each cabin has its own lot,  but you have the ability to use the entire 137 acres. The owners of the cabins come from all walks of life and demographic groups. There are people here from 15 states, 2 provinces  and 5 countries. They all come here to get away. The one thing they all have in common is their love of nature.

The privacy and seclusion here is enhanced by electronic private access gates at the head of the property to allow access only to  cottage owners, their friends and guests, via access card keys. Once they drive inside the gate, they leave all their cares outside.  It has become known as something of an illusive establishment, as it is not a public offering and cabins sell generally by private referral.

These woods and this private community of cottages has its own personality. Some visitors come and never wish to leave.  Others come and find they prefer something else, the sea shore or the high mountains.