Schabels Woods Vacation Cabins

\Welcome to Schnabels’ Woods

Nestled on 137 acres in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Schnabels’ Woods is a private recreational colony designed to provide vacation cottages and cabins to people interested in relaxing and recreating in a country setting. Schnabels' Woods is an experience that is uniquely original. It is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful countryside and woods of Bucks County with the offering of leisure-home ownership without the burden of a typical real estate transaction.

Vacation Home Enjoyment

The enjoyment and benefits of using a recreational dream home, for vacations throughout the four seasons, allows you the freedom to schedule your leisure time with your work and home responsibilities. Schnabels' Woods offers fully functioning, three- and four-season vacation cottages and cabins in all styles and sizes. You choose how and when to spend your leisure time.

The vacation home ownership experience in Schnabels' Woods is affordable; you can own a vacation home for about the same cost as owning a new car or the same annual cost that you or your family would spend for a vacation. Here you will find the unique combination of value, privacy and convenience.

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