Schabels Woods Vacation Cabins

Available Cabins in Schnabels’ Woods

This is a sampling of cottages and cabins available at Schnabels' Woods and Schnabels' Woods is not responsible for misrepresentations, availability, errors and omissions.  This site is intended for informational purposes only. Actual purchase decisions must be made only after visiting Schnabels' Woods by appointment.  The cabins depicted in this site are not necessarily for sale unless specified.

The Schnabels' Woods property is owned by the Schnabel Family Partnership, Ltd., and managed through the services of Schnabels' Woods, Inc.

Cottages are owned by individuals, not as real estate, but rather as personal property located on a site or lot, subject to a Land and Privileges contract with Schnabels' Woods. Cabins offered for sale are generally owned by their existing owner-occupant unless otherwise stated.

Blessed Waterfront Retreat

On The Rocks


Waterfront Bliss

Moss Rocks